Employment Opportunities

Atlantic Fun Park is dedicated to providing our guests with world-class thrills, fun and family entertainment, guided by the principles of safety, service, courtesy, cleanliness and integrity.
Interested in working for us? Awesome! Click Here to download an application! Once you complete the application you can mail it to 1508 Atlantic Ave. Virginia Beach, VA 23451 or you can fax it to 757-422-0469 and someone will get in touch with you as soon as the application has been reviewed.
We run our park by the following four guidelines:
...no longer runs with scissors
Atlantic Fun Park continues to have the safest rides around with routine Maintenance Checks and Scheduled Maintenance on all of our Virginia Beach Amusement Park Rides. All rides are tested daily to ensure optimal and safe performance.
...with a super big smile
Atlantic Fun Park only hires the friendliest of employees in the Virginia Beach, VA area. If you find that you're not treated with the upmost respect from one of our employees please report them to the nearest manager and we'll handle it accordingly.
...with an uncommon touch
Atlantic Fun Park welcomes family members of all ages! You'll feel right at home at our park and we assure you that you'll enter smiling and leave with an even bigger smile!
...because a clean park is
a happy park
Atlantic Fun Park strives to have the cleanest facilities in Virginia Beach through the utilization of Maintenance Teams, Trash Cans, and Wash Facilities. Also, please remember to do your part and help keep our park clean!

Employee Expectations

Atlantic Fun Park maintains high standards for our employees.
Employees are required to purchase a uniform upon hiring which is an Atlantic Fun Park branded T-Shirt to be worn at all times while on the clock. No exceptions!
Men's hair must be neatly trimmed and maintained. Unusual, exotic or extreme hairstyles are not permitted!
Women's hair must be of a conservative nature. Unusual, exotic or extreme hair styles are not permitted!
Under no circumstances are cell phones allowed to be used while on the clock. If you have to make or recieve a phone call please do it on your break or off the clock.
Most our employees are required to wear tennis shoes. If you apply to this rule shoes such as flip-flops and loafers are not permitted while on the clock. No exceptions!
Our Park does not automatically close in severe weather. In weather situations, employees still need to be prepared to fulfill their work responsibilities.